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“we guarantee odour free urinals”

Urinal odour is caused by the buildup of harmful bacteria and is a sign of poor hygiene. Not only is this a health and safety hazard, it also puts a bad impression on your business. The most common problems with urinal hygiene involve:

  • Insufficient Cleaning: Telltale brown staining underneath the urinal bowl, and stains on the urinal surface contain harmful bacteria, which are a health hazard. This looks bad and is unpleasant to use.
  • Insufficient Flushing: Stagnant urine harbours bacteria which release lingering odours if not treated appropriately. It is important to control the levels of bacteria to prevent odour, and improve hygiene.
  • Uric Acid Buildup: Poor urinal hygiene allows uric acid to crystallise inside pipe work, and may also build up on surrounding areas like tiles, walls and the floor. This can block drainage of urine which not only looks bad, but will worsen any odours.

What we do in our urinal hygiene service:

  • We scrub the urinals and surrounding areas to remove these stains, leaving your toilets looking clean and hygienic.
  • We treat your urinals with Impact Hygiene Bio Tab which absorbs and inhibits odour without increasing your water use. We also treat your drains, pipes, walls, tiles and floor with a coat of our environmentally friendly bio-spray to absorb and inhibit odour and uric acid.
  • Using specialised chemicals, we remove the uric acid from the drains, leaving blockage free pipes. We also treat the urinals and surrounding areas of any uric acid leaving a clean toilet environment.

Impact Hygiene understands the difficulties of urinal hygiene, and we are dedicated to keeping your urinals clean and odour free, giving your guests a more pleasant, hygienic experience.


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