Public Toilets Around the World Worth Visiting

When it comes to traveling, you’d think about sites and attractions worth visiting, not public toilets. In some cases however, public toilets can become part of the attraction. Should you find yourself in any of these places, check out why these public toilets are worth a visit. Kawakawa, New Zealand Kawakawa is a small town […]


Toilet-Related Inventions with Kickstarter Funded Campaigns

When it comes to toilets, we already know how crazy some designs can be. The crazier the designs, the better chances of landing a spot on world’s craziest toilet bowls gallery. Toilet-related inventions on the other hand are a little trickier. There has to be a balance of quirky appeal and functionality for their campaign […]


Are You Guilty of Toilet Crimes?

Have you ever committed toilet crimes?   When I say toilet crimes, I don’t mean the type that happens in the movie, Psycho. Toilet papering the house during Halloween doesn’t count. image from While papering your toilet won’t land you in jail,   image from kids clogging up the toilet could land them […]


Occupational Health and Safety in Victoria: An Overview on the Compliance Code for Toilets and Hand Wash Basins under the OHS Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) is the foundation on which legislative and administrative measures for improving occupational health and safety are created. This Act lays out key principles—this includes duties and rights—relating to workplace health and safety in Victoria. Under this act are eight compliance codes, which help in providing practical […]