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We Serve & Deliver Hygienic Environment Restroom Services & Supplies
We Serve & Deliver Hygienic Restroom Services & Supplies

Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser – automatic, wall mounted and more…


“Sanitized, clean and soft hands for clients…
…hygienically clean germ free hands for commercial kitchens”

Impact Hygiene offers a range of smart soap dispensers to suit any establishment. Dispensers can be purchased at very competitive rates or can be included in a service contract.


  • Basic Soap Dispensers: Simple yet reliable; suited to businesses on a budget
  • Middle-range Automatic Soap Dispenser: Slim, wall mounted, automatic soap dispenser that uses energy saving technology to maximise battery life. Comes in black and white
  • Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers: Stylish stainless steel finish with automatic no-touch sensor for convenient soap dispensing


We offer two soaps for different users:

  • A subtly scented, gentle liquid soap that leaves skin feeling soft. Suitable for restrooms, bathrooms and hotel rooms.
  • An odourless, antibacterial soap that leaves hands soft and free of bacteria. Suitable for commercial applications, kitchens, restaurants and other food preparation sites.

Soap refills are available for purchase. Impact Hygiene supplies individually packaged soap bladders or liquid soap refills at service visits. Soap packaging and pricing varies depending on the dispenser range chosen.

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