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Used needles and other sharps are hazardous to people and pets if not disposed of safely because they can injure people and spread infections that cause serious health conditions. The most common infections are:

  • Hepatitis B (HBV)
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

“When you’re keen to take responsibility for the health and safety of your patrons”

Impact Hygiene provides a convenient sharps waste disposal solution handled by professionally trained technicians. The containers you need to safely and securely dispose of scalpels, needles, syringes and other medical waste will be provided and serviced to provide you with convenience and peace of mind.

We pride ourself on our customer service, and our collection service can discreetly and professionally dispose of sharps. We will remove any sharps accumulated between your optional weekly service—or other preferred frequency schedules—ensuring safety and hygiene in your establishment.

We understand that most business owners would prefer sharps to remain outside of their venue. However, in some instances, a sharps bin is necessary to ensure the safety of your patrons. As business managers and owners, it is our social responsibility to offer a safe environment for our customers and staff.

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With over 20 years experience in corporate washroom hygiene services and a dedicated friendly team, at Impact Hygiene, we deliver exactly what you need! We’re flexible and family owned, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

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Hi Travis, I am really pleased with the way the restrooms have come up after cleaning. I would be happy to recommend you to any store. I have passed this feedback onto my colleagues. Thank you !
DM, McDonalds

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