Normal cleaning services that make use of dirty mops tend to just push the dirt and germs around instead of actually cleaning a particular area. The filth and grime gradually accumulates and gets lodged in the grout and tiles. After a while, the tiled areas appear dirty and discoloured. Uric acid also builds up around the toilet and urinal areas. This problem cannot be removed with conventional cleaning methods and can leave a terrible odour!

One way to bring these areas back to a high standard of cleanliness is with an Impact Clean™ service. The Impact Clean™ is designed to minimize all of the hygiene dangers prevalent in your restrooms, promoting the well being of the customers you serve and the employees who provide that service.

Your facility is also treated with germicide mist that keeps the facility 99% germ free for up to 9 days; just in time for a Weekly Impact Hygiene Service where we also treat with germicide.

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can visit your facility with our specialised Impact Clean equipment. They will spend the necessary time combined with the use of our unique Deep Clean Technology to make your facility look sparkling clean and brand new.

What we do in an Impact Clean
  • Treat urinal every four weeks; reduce the buildup of uric acid which is a major cause of odour in restrooms that are generally serviced incorrectly
  • Remove loose objects from toilets
  • Blow all dust and dirt from vents and shelves
  • Spray walls, toilet bowls, sinks, urinals and floors with environ clean disinfectant
  • Use a hard broom and work chemical on the floor paying particular attention to heavily soiled areas
  • Use clean water to pressure rinse walls, toilet bowls, sinks, urinals and floor, getting into places where you can’t normally get to, which cause odour buildup
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As an integral part of our brand promise, we guarantee:

  • a 100% completion rate or no service charge,
  • a 24-hour turnaround time on scheduled service and consumable delivery, and
  • a reliable and responsive customer service ready to assist you with your needs.
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We help you provide the safest environment possible to both your staff and customers.

It makes all the difference to guests and patrons who visit your establishment. The cleanliness of your facility reflects directly on the order and care in the rest of your business.

We supply high-quality hygiene equipment and supplies to keep your workplace and safe for your stakeholders.

If you need help to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your toilet, we are happy to assist you!

We love doing the dirty work! Contact us now to get started.

Commercial Hygiene Services

With over 20 years experience in corporate washroom hygiene services and a dedicated friendly team, at Impact Hygiene, we deliver exactly what you need! We’re flexible and family owned, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

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Why Choose Impact Hygiene?

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We’re a family-owned business and proudly Australian-owned!

As industry experts in cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection of commercial restrooms, our technicians are knowledgeable and well-equipped with advanced cleaning methods and techniques.

You can always rely on us. We are committed to show up on every schedule and deliver the best we can. High-Quality Services On-time Guaranteed.

We’re flexible and with our wide selection of restroom hygiene products and services, we can tailor a program to suit your needs!

Our team of responsive and caring customer support is always ready and happy to assist if you need help.

Our Clients

After many years in business, we’ve grown a genuine passion for the industry.

Here are some of our valued customers:


Great service, very efficient and professional. We’re very happy with the standard of your company and service.


Manager McDonalds, Berwick

After an Impact Clean our toilets are finally shiny, clean and odour free. Thank you Impact!



Thank you for the fantastic job you are doing with our service!



Hi Travis, I am really pleased with the way the restrooms have come up after cleaning. I would be happy to recommend you to any store. I have passed this feedback onto my colleagues. Thank you!



Can you please pass on my appreciation to the technician who serviced our site last week, she was wonderful, it was actually refreshing to see someone who has it all – service with a smile, great personality, great customer service, fantastic at her job, she was very well presented, what a great representative of your company.



Thanks for that lovely email, its really great to have you guys as part of our big Family and we appreciate all the hard work you do! Thanks from everyone here!

The Crafty Squire

Impressed with Impact and how you go work.

The Bayside Hub

We would like compliment Tracy Maine for her wonderful work ethic, we are really pleased with the standard of hygiene maintenance she provides weekly, and her friendly professional service.

Victorian School of Languages

I have spoken to Simon and he was very pleased with your service.

Melton Christian College