We Deliver Hygienic Restroom Services & Supplies
We Serve & Deliver Hygienic Environment Restroom Services & Supplies
We Serve & Deliver Hygienic Restroom Services & Supplies

Paper Products: Tissue, Toilet Roll & Paper Hand Towels Supplies

“Paper of any quality in any quantity. We’ve got it covered—at the best price!”

Impact Hygiene specialises in toilet and hand towel for use in restrooms and kitchens. We offer great value for money by offering quality paper selection—soft paper that feels neither cheap nor nasty. We supply multiple sizes and varying quality paper products—at very competitive rates–suited for any budget and business need. Not only will you get the best savings for your business, you’ll also offer a better experience for your customers.

Paper Dispensers

Your paper can be housed in dispensers (Hand Towel Dispensers or Toilet Paper Dispensers) selected from our extensive range. Choose from basic dispensers to meet a budget through middle range to fully automatic, slimline dispensers for a more premium look.

Toilet Tissue

Our convenient Jumbo rolls of toilet tissue can be housed in double or single dispensers to ensure you have ample paper supply for customers in peak or busy periods. The double dispensers allow for storage of paper so that precious storage space is not taken up by jumbo toilet rolls. Dispensers are user friendly and can be easily replenished by staff or if we are visiting your establishment on a service call, we will replenish the dispenser for you. We also offer toilet tissue and dispensers in smaller domestic size rolls.

Hand Towel

Our hand towel is offered via centre-pull or interleaf dispensers. Centre Pull Paper perforates after each sheet reducing wastage. This system minimises your spend, helps to keep a tidier bathroom or kitchen and is better for the environment.
We also offer interleaf hand towels in flat rectangular dispensers. For ease of use, they come in individual sheets, minimising consumption. Hand towel can be purchased per roll—to minimise storage and expense—or per carton.

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