World Toilet Day: Bringing the Spotlight on the Sanitation Crisis

When you think WTO, the first thing that usually comes to mind is World Trade Organization. There is another organization though that shares the same acronym and that is the World Toilet Organization (WTO). Could this have been founded by a group of toilet fanatics? Not quite. In fact, their intentions are honorable and worth […]


Office Hygiene 101: Countermeasures for Bacteria Prone Areas

Apart from their homes, people spend majority of their time in the office, where they are often exposed to elements that may make them sick. Workplace hygiene is an important issue that should be addressed especially when employees’ health may be compromised. When one employee after another gets sick, the company stands to lose money […]


Handwashing Techniques 101: A Review on How to Wash Hands Properly

Sometimes, it’s not offices or toilets that are causing people to get sick. Often times, it is the lack of very basic hygiene practices like proper handwashing techniques that can quickly affect a person’s health. It’s so easy to overlook this basic procedure especially after using the toilet. Just running water through your hands is […]