We Deliver Hygienic Restroom Services & Supplies
We Deliver Hygienic Restroom Services & Supplies



Keep your restrooms in the best possible condition and choose from our Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly servicing of fixtures, fittings, plumbing, drains, paper products, soap, air fresheners, sanitary units and sharps dispensers.

Urinal odour is caused by harmful bacteria buildup and is a sign of poor hygiene. Our periodic Urinal Hygiene service can eliminate issues associated with bad smelling, problem causing urinals. We guarantee odour free urinals!

Female customers will love this clean, sleek and discreet way for Sanitary Disposal in your restrooms. Our sanitary units are covered with germicidal disinfectant, cutting the risk of cross contamination and mitigating unpleasant odour.

Bad smelling toilets give the impression of an unhygienic, improperly maintained restroom. Keep your restrooms smelling fresh day after day as you choose from extensive selection of smart dispensers and quality fragrances.

Offer a safe environment for staff and customers through our discreet and professional sharps disposal system. Professionally trained technicians will collect them on a frequency schedule that will suit your needs.

Choose from our extensive dispenser range of soap dispensers to house either fragrance free or subtly perfumed liquid soap. Clients will love that soft and clean feeling after using our soap.

Mummies will love how convenient these slimline nappy units are for discreet disposal of nappies. Choose a nappy disposal collection schedule that will suit your needs.

Bring restroom problem areas back to a high standard of cleanliness with a periodic deep clean that will leave your facility sparkling clean, odour free and practically brand new!

An affordable, convenient and effective alternative to abolish foul odors. We introduce a proprietary blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria into your drain system which consumes the contaminants buildup inside your pipes.

Using the latest hi-tech cleaning equipment, we’ll make your outdoor surfaces looking sparkling clean again. Our chemical free technology is gentle on the environment and leaves the surface shiny, clean and free of any residue.

Supplement manual sanitation procedures of your facility with our anti-bacterial program. This shock treatment against germs will wipe out 99.9% of all bacteria that either cause bad smell or sickness.


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