It may sound strange but we actually


After 18 years in the business we’ve grown a genuine passion for our industry.

We love providing solutions for businesses when they’re sick and tired of bad smells and unsightly restrooms.

We love delivering you the best possible prices. We manage our own paper supply and as a result our paper products are incredibly low in price yet still great quality.

No customer is too big or small.

We’ve had loads of experience travelling the world and learning about many and the best technologies available to ensure our customers get the results they’re looking for.

Above all we understand relationships. We know the meaning of “long term relationship” and we value each and every customer.

Our team share our philosophy and values to always deliver the best service with a great attitude.

Our people our highly skilled, well trained and are always will to help.

For larger establishments we can manage your entire facility from Plumbers to toilet tissue.

If it’s a restroom challenge, we’d love to solve it.

Please call us on the number above and invite us to meet with you to listen to
your restroom challenges.


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